Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010 - A New Year

Brandon and I have been training for the last four months or so for the Houston Marathon. These pictures were taken right before we started, and we're still smiling! I had a pretty great race finishing at 4:20:13, which is about 7 minutes faster than my first marathon (when I ran it, I was 6 weeks pregnant with Benjamin.) I had a lot of fun, and at mile 23, my boss and friend John met me to run the last three miles. I knew he would help push me, and it was just what I needed to get my goal time. Brandon struggled a bit with cramps, and the last 10 miles were pretty miserable for him. I know he wants to plan the next race so he can try it again.
This is our good friend Jennie, who ran the half finishing at her best time.

So, I originally started this blog as a photo vehicle for friends and family to be able to see pictures of Benjamin. But I have been recently inspired by my sister Jewel, who is writing her thoughts at mommijewel.com. Then I decided I would write mine, and that maybe someday Benjamin would enjoy reading about himself.

Most recently he has been more intersted in reading, and loves to turn the pages. He will point to the book shelf and grunt. His Gran and Poppy (Brandon's parents) so graciously came to take care of Benjamin while we ran the race. Benjamin would grunt and point at the bookshelf, and his Poppy would grab a book and say, "This one?" Benjamin would shake his head no, and Poppy would pull another book from the shelf, and Benjamin repeated his no headshake until Poppy had exhausted all the book choices.

My brother Isy came to visit after Christmas. This is his daughter Maggie, who is 6 months old. Each time I would pick her up, Benjamin exhibited his jealousy, which he hadn't ever done before. So I would hold him too.

Benjamin is trying his best to talk. He says gaga, gogo, dada, mama, nana, kaka, no, hot, and his favorite - uh-oh. He has recently discovered light switches and loves to turn them on and off over and over again. Benjamin walks really well, and even runs - he loves for us to chase him around the house. He loves to get on our treadmill and runs in place. His teachers at school tell us that they just love Ben, and that their day is not the same without him. He's my favorite too, but I'm a bit bias I would say...