Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ok, one more...

This one is easy - Benjamin is on the top and Jonathan is on the bottom.

Who's Who?

I thought it would be funny to see the similarities and/or differences in our two boys in the same outfit. And I think the obvious difference is the hair. The top picture is Jonathan and the bottom picture is Benjamin - they are about the same age in these pictures. I couldn't get Jonathan to wake up!

Well, I finally have some time to actually write a little. Jonathan is exploding in size right before our eyes. He is almost 13 pounds and eating more and more every day. He smiles often and laughed for the first time this week! Benjamin is starting to acknowledge Jonathan more and more. When we get in the truck to go somewhere, Benjamin will say, "Brother missing" until we put Jonathan in his seat next him, which is pretty cute. Benjamin really loves playing with "friends", going to the park, playing on the computer, and painting. I went back to work a few weeks ago, which has been really great. We stay busy and every day seems to be a race, but I was just telling Brandon the other day how much I love our life.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Benjamin really likes putting on our clothes, shoes, goggles, etc...