Friday, June 10, 2011

What happened?
My happy boy! Jonathan is starting to sit up on his own - for a real short amount of time. I happened to catch it!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Isaiah's First Birthday!

We went to Dallas this weekend for Isaiah's first birthday! Benjamin is just hanging out watching Veggie Tales and/or Snoopy.

I finally figured out how to get a good picture of Jonathan. I have to hold the camera up and get him to focus on me instead of the flash. I think it worked out!

Isaiah eats cake for the first time! Obviously there was a huge mess afterwards.

The boys just hanging out. After the weekend was over, I think Benjamin had at least six new bruises. Aidan and Benjamin would chase each other around the living room, jumping from the ottoman to the chair to the couch. This included an occasional crash against the something...

Benjamin used up all his stickers on me. And then of course, his new favorite goggles that he likes to bring everywhere.


Crawfish again! This was our second crawfish boil this year - this time on Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to all our friends who have served in the military!

We were lucky to get crawfish - everyone in town was out! We improvised for the lack of enough crawfish and boiled shrimp, which was a great choice.

And Brandon the chef!