Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Arkansas Vacation!

We went to Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas for a few days with our friends the Ogles and the Kenneys. Riley and Benjamin had so much fun playing together.
Benjamin and Daddy reading a book.

Benjamin and Riley loved playing in the pool. We had them pose for us before we went.

Stephanie and Benjamin reading a book. I'm pretty sure he had everyone read to him by the end of the trip.

Mia, Riley and Benjamin had a blast together!

Reading - again...

We watched the first LSU game of the season. Benjamin says, "Go Tigers, GRRRRR!"

Gran and Poppy visit

Gran and Poppy came to visit the weekend of Benjamin's birthday.
He got a book, this cute outfit plus more great clothes, and Elmo. This is the Hokey-Pokey Elmo, and Benjamin LOVES him!
I decided to make an apple cake for dessert, and Benjamin says, "I help?" So we made it together - he helped pour and stir - such a great helper!

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Benjamin turned 2 on August 26th!
Mary, who takes care of him, who Benjamin sweetly calls May-May, has been teaching him to hold two fingers when we ask him how old he is - he's working on it. We got him a Toy Story train set for his birthday. He played all morning with it.
Mary and her husband Daniel came with us to the birthday dinner.
Benjamin was ready to eat!

After dinner, we had funfetti cupcakes at our house. He opened his presents from Mary, a musical instrument puzzle and a bubble making lawn mower. She also decorated his play room with lots of balloons with the number 2 on them. Benjamin's two favorites - balloons and bubbles!

Family time

Benjamin had fun playing at a park nearby our house
at Will and Nolan's birthday party.