Monday, March 29, 2010

Pre-Easter at Gran and Poppy's

This weekend we went to Natchitoches to visit Gran and Poppy.
Front Street is lined with tulips - all different colors.
We took this picture of Benjamin before we went to church.
Gran made this outfit for him - Thanks, Gran!
Benjamin was walking around in his new shoes - he loves them!
When we got home, he saw them in his bag and yelled, "Ch-ooes!"

We had a photo shoot with the tulips...

Eating crackers at Mama's Oyster House - where I used to work.
Also, where Brandon and I met!

Benjamin has his pirate to go with the pirate monkeys on his outfit.


First time in the pool this summer!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Benjamin was invited to a cowboy themed birthday party. His Gran got him this great cowboy outfit, which was perfect for the party! He had fun swinging, riding down the slide and playing in the hay with all his friends.
Benjamin and I were playing outside one day. He has a bubble machine that constantly blows bubbles, and he loves it!

In this picture he is saying, "Cheese!"
We've been so busy I realize I haven't sent an update in awhile. We have decided we would like to move to The Woodlands, so we've been getting our house ready - de-cluttering, etc.
I was putting Benjamin's teeny baby clothes away, but first he wanted to play in the bins.
Bye-bye for now!