Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Baseball Camp

Mary has been taking Benjamin to the Children't Museum. We just recently enrolled him in baseball camp, and this was his first time.

Benjamin's trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Mary took Benjamin to a Pumpkin Patch outing with a group from our church. He got to ride a pony, which he loved.
He rode on a train and waved to everyone.
He picked out a pumpkin to bring home.
He played tetherball - his favorite!
He got to pet the bunny rabbits.
He fed the goats
and sheep, and lots of other animals. And then, he was tired...

Jewel's wedding

I'm a little late getting these pictures up. Quite a few things have happened over the last few weeks. Jewel got married! We are all so happy for her and Marcus. We went to Dallas two weekends ago for the wedding and got to hang out with the Briggs family.

Benjamin was playing with Jewel's guitar. That was the highlight of his trip - he loved it!

Isaiah! There isn't much to say about him but,"Adorable!"

The ceremony was so sweet - they wrote their own vows - How romantic!

I took Isaiah's pacifier away for the picture - he wasn't very happy with me...